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My health is back to normal and I am working on the current requests even though I'm second guessing about one that I maybe shouldn't have agreed to do. Am I a bad person for that? I mean, it seems like a bit of a project for me to take on alone. -le sigh- Also, the Gaara sketch I just submitted was actually done before the minor MS attack. At least it is finally finished all the way though. Anyway, my dexterity in my hand is back after taking the shots. Oh, and life might be busy by October. I will be taking a road trip to the east coast. I do believe I mentioned that once before on here. Not only that, I am thinking about working a part-time job again. I think it's time I get back into doing that. Also, I kinda miss having an income. Whether I will be able to actually work due to my health? That... I don't know.. but I will try. 


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Just call me, "Shorty"
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My artwork on here is mostly about Digimon. Although, my art skills are "Meh"... but I do the best that I can. All of my artwork is drawn from scratch except for the screenshots obviously. I will also draw other characters outside of the Digimon fandom once in a while.

Now, I do have rules to point out. (Most importantly. READ RULE 22. PLEASE AND THANKS.)

1) I will not draw inflated characters.

2) I shall not draw any characters tied up whether it's by rope, chains, or any of other way to tie. Or even gagged for that matter....

3) Rule 3 of the request limit is no more since I have been really following my own rule... Oops.. ^^;

4) I don't create artwork by deadlines.

5) Please be patient with me. The artwork will get done.

6) Please do not demand.

7) No 7 doesn't exist anymore. Read rule number three. =/

8) If I feel the idea behind a request is a "no go" for me, then I will let you know.

9) Aside from inflated or tied up characters, I shall not draw any other bizarre fetishes.

10) If you hate a certain character, don't expect me to create a fanart of that character getting bashed on. Not happening.

11) I refuse to draw any nudity... I prefer to keep my account clean.

12) I will only draw one or two pieces of artwork for any certain theme you are into. Such as: Drawing characters as fairies, style of outfits, and etc. Otherwise, doing the same themes over and over will burn me out. I like to create random art ideas.

13) I am a sucker for pairings. I'm willing to draw most even KouJun. Despite the fact that I despise that pairing. I mean... I don't see those happening. Ever.

14) I shouldn't have to be obligated to create a suggested request idea before I give the okay.

15) If I draw Yaoi, it will be never be disturbing. I assure you all.

16) I won't draw the same character in the same pose over and over again. It's repetitive. Sorry.

17) I'm all for drawing OC characters even in pairings.

18) If you see a pairing that you hate, then don't bother commenting on it. Leave it be. I didn't create this blog to permit any war on shippings.

19) WARNING: I am a multi-shipper. Um.. so.. deal with it? ^^;

20) If the artwork seems to be out of canon. It's either because I was thinking outside of the box or that is what the person wanted for their request.

21) If I do anymore characters kissing, no other characters will be there to witness.

22) DON'T START OR SEND ANY DRAMA TO MY INBOX. DON'T EVEN START DRAMA THROUGH COMMENTS EITHER. NOT having it.... I won't hesitate to block whomever is responsible for that non-sense. I have a medical condition that isn't good for stress at all. I came to this site for fun to create what I love. That's all.

I'm sure I'll think of other rules over time. Aside from that, enjoy the work that I create. ^.^

About this chicka (Not that it's important)
FULL NAME: Won't say, but a few know it.
MEANING: Meh.. I'll give a hint. It means fair lady.
MEANING: Heh.. it defines the truth about my height. =P
ACTUAL AGE: 26. (Why would I want to lie about it??)
AGE APPEARANCE: 20 or 21 is what I usually get from people.
BIRTHDAY: January 30th.
SPECIES: Darn it.. I have been caught! =O I'm an alien... No, I'm actually a human. I mean, I would hope so.
MARITAL STATUS: Single. (It doesn't really bother me.)
ONLINE SCREENNAME: keikokurata on here.
PERSONAL QUOTE: Yo vivo para el arte. (Because it is so true.)

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